A bit of vision…

Me, Chris, Holly, Laura, Mel, Kristi
Me, Chris, Holly, Laura, Mel, Kristi

My ministry school began on Tuesday.  There are around 700 students attending this school.  It is both exciting and overwhelming to sit in a room with this many believers who are longing to make room for the move of God.  The mission of this church and school is revival, to see His kingdom come here on earth.  After spending much time in the prayer room last year praying for revival in our nation, I see this time as a gift and a tool to prepare me for reaping in the harvest of countless prayers.

As far as longer term vision, I am looking to take the training I have received in this area and many others and disciple long term missionaries to be sent out to the hard places.  My desire is to see young people with intimacy, fire,  and integrity bring the light of Christ into the dark places.

I believe that all ministry should come  out of the secret place of prayer and intimacy.  From that place, we have received the equipping (anointing) and the heart for that  which what we are called.  This anointing is to be like a fire in our bones that we cannot hold back.  With that fire we are to be His hands and feet in this world, serving, touching, reaching, just as Christ did. I also feel it is so important that we walk in the holiness and purity the Bible clearly calls us to, and desire to challenge young people in this area.

I feel this church/school is equipping me for the longer term vision the Lord is giving me.  Only time will tell how all this pans out, but this is what He has placed upon this heart.

Thought, questions, comments?

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