our little kitchen makeover

We’ve had a busy few weeks here at the Maher house.

I added up that we traveled 20 days in the month of March.   That did include a week in Hawaii, so don’t worry it’s not all work and no play. 🙂



And for 12 days, we had Chuck’s mom and sister come out for a California visit.  While they were here we decided to tackle a long anticipated project, our kitchen cabinets.  His mom has done it a few times, and it felt a bit more manageable with her help.  It was a much bigger project than I anticipated, and thank God for that, or I may have backed out.  

I thought you might enjoy a photo journal of the project…


We are pretty tired now, and head out on Friday night for 10 days in the Great Lakes Area.  Prayers are appreciated for this time that it will be filled with grace and His presence!  We are making some adjustments and learning to find a rhythm with our travel and home time.


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