i’ve been pondering this idea of space lately… not like star trek space…

but like space to move, to breath, to dream, to discover, and to listen.

it can be so easy to fill our day planners and iphones with appointments and “things” we have to do. important things of course.  i’ve started to think through what are the important things.  i don’t want to be busy.  i don’t want my calendar so full that i don’t even have time for an impromptu chat with my neighbors or their three year old son.

i want to live my life in a way where there is “space” for these types of things.

i want to have space for friends to pop over.

i want my friends to have space for me to pop over. 🙂

i want to have the space to be interrupted, and not stressed by it.

our neighbors have been such good examples of this.  she is a stay at home mom with two little ones and one in school. the other day the wrong soap somehow made it into our dishwasher.  thankfully, i caught it early as a small waterfall of bubbles tried to escape.  as soon as our neighbor got home she brought over their big shop vac.  thank you Jesus.  that thing was amazing.

they are catholic believers, and outside their door is a sign that says “love thy neighbor”.   and they have done an amazing job. we may or may not have broken their lawn mower shortly after moving in.

we westerners would probably all say oh yes, relationship is way more important that tasks, yet the rule more that the exception seems to be the than the to-do list takes priority 90% of the time.

so i want space to deepen the relationships around me.  i want natural organic connections with people, that don’t have to take place at starbucks.

i also want space because in space i can think clearly.

when i silence all the noise, slow down, and actually feel the space, the important things seem to surface.

busyness has a way of making everything spin, but space has a way of bringing clarity.

space has a way of allowing me to recognize the blessings around me, and all the dreams God continues to fulfill.  if i just keep buzzing around and don’t find or create space, i miss these simple yet profound recollections.

and from that place i dream on.  in that place of realization of what a crazy good God i serve, i can dream on to the places that He and i both desire.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

deep breaths. intentional places where we allow space in our lives, schedules, relationships.

Space is the boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction. (from wikipedia)


relative position.


not sure about you, but i could use a little more of those things.  Image

the lyrics to united pursuit bands, “running in circles” probably says it better than i ever could, so i’ll leave you with them. 🙂

im so forgetful, but you always remind me
youre the only one who brings me peace
youre the only one who brings me peace

so i come, lord i come, i come, lord i come
to tell you i love you
to tell you i need you
to tell you theres no better place for me than in your arms
to tell you im sorry for running in circles
for placing my focus on the ways and not your face
youre the only one who brings me peace
youre the only one who brings me peace

im so forgetful but you always remind me
youre the only one who brings me peace


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